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    General manager Tian Yulong at 2018-01-04

    On December 10th, the 3-day "Longjian Cup" First national college students "Mao Yisheng Public Benefit Bridge - Small Bridge Project" innovation design contest brought down the curtain in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province. ...


    Comrade Shang Yunlong Presidin 2017-12-01

    The thrived youth leads to the thriving industry , the strong youth leads to the strong industry. On Nov. 18th China Highway Academy Youth Expert Committee convened the 2017 annual meeting and Youth Forum for National Highway Technology in Heihe City of Heilongjiang Province aiming to gather talents, construct platform, play an effective role and service development. Secretary of the party committee and president of Longjian Comrade Shang Yunlong Presided over the meeting....


    Safety Production and Civilize 2017-11-03

    October 27, 2017,Third Quarter of 2017 Production Safety and Construction Project Civilized Construction Site demonstration Meeting of Construction Group held in Heilongjiang-Blagoveshchensk, Heilongjiang Amur Project Department of Longjian. Deputy general manager of Construction Group Hao Qingduo, chief engineer Liu Junlong, general manager of technology development Wu Xiaoyu, Longjian chief engineer Chen Yanjun and other comrades attended the meeting. More than 40 persons from 13 companies including Longjian, Construction Engineering Group, Longan Group and Water Conservancy Group participated in the meeting....


    Long Jian and its Subsidiaries 2017-10-19

    ​On 18th Oct.2017, the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China convened in triumph....


    Warm Congratulations that Long 2017-10-09

    On 28th Sep.2017, issuance examination commission  of CSRC China Securities Regulatory Commission hereinafter referred to  CSRC examine and verify the application of Private Issuing of Stock...

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